Well, it’s really sad that you won’t be able to watch it in its complete glory, but a 4320p 8K video has finally made its way through YouTubian premises. The short video titled Ghost Towns is a series of slow shots of what looks like an abandoned mining settlement, and was apparently shot on RED Epic Dragon 6K cameras in portrait mode, and the footage was either upscaled or stitched together with Adobe’s After Effects suite to meet the 8K requirement.

Apparently the 8K label were added to the videos earlier this year, but a 4320 pixel-resolution video has surfaced just recently. It’s rather unlikely that we’ll be seeing more 8K videos anytime soon, because frankly, there exist very few cameras to shoot such high-res videos. Moreover, even if such videos are uploaded frequently, there exist fewer computers/hardware that support 8K. If by chance you possess hardware that can handle this gorilla-huge resolution, this video might just about run on Chrome and Safari.

Seriously, 4k is so “early 2015”.


via : 9to5google | Engadget | Neumannfilms