Tata Motors’ Concept Car ‘Airpod’ Runs On Air!

While the alternative car market has seen a huge lot of takers in electric cars, Indian car manufacturer TATA Motors is all set to revolutionize the drive by coming up with a new car that runs on air. First of its kind, Airpod’s technology was originally devised in France at the Motor Development International, but was then bought by TATA Motors to bring the same concept into Indian markets.

tata motors airpod

With practically 0% emissions and negligible cost incurred per kilometer, this vehicle promises to be one great friend to the environment and the economy alike. The tank can hold up as much as 175 litres of compressed air that could be filled at select stations by switching on the on-board electric motor to breathe in air from the outside. With a price tag of approximately $10,000, this car could take the shine off many smart cars in the market.

More work’s going into the design part, and even installing the traditional steering devices are being looked upon (at present, the car employs a joystick to operate the rear differential). This car can make its way through the city, and though it may have its roots in India, but once materialized, this thing would catch up like fire among other countries too.

airpod cuivre tata motors

tata airpod runs on air

tata airpod runs on air

tata airpod runs on air

tata airpod runs on air

tata airpod runs on air

tata airpod runs on air

tata airpod runs on air


  • Vijaya Durga says:

    😀 amazing concept.

  • Akshay Shete says:

    It was my seminar topic on 3rd year.. (CAV)… Reality came true..

    • Indian Nerve says:

      Compressed air is stored under high pressure and is released as it expands which drives the pistons of the engine. The concept is more or less the same though a different fuel!

  • Pravin Raj-Vaidya says:

    Airpod Technology is future. Proof that such technology can help us keep our Earth clean. Great “Tata Motors’ Concept Car ‘Airpod’ Runs On Air!”.

  • Anindya Dey says:

    another wonder car from tata after nano..

  • It looks like baby toy. May be good enough for indoor use. Speeding traffic will not invite attention to such small things.

  • Nagaraj says:

    I have an idea , i would like to mention it here,coming generation all roads are going to be one-way, so if we can build roads in a way were it is slanting one feet for every km and again have a raise for one feet at a point which could be managed by vehicle to just climb it up like we climb on the speed breaker by using a battery or solar energy power,or even a similar compression power… then we can run it more efficiently…!

    • I gone through this device. It is bearing good idea and it is need of today also.It is energy saving & controll on pollusion.I would suggest the company it will be better if ;1. the system of solar-energy may be developed on the roof of the car in a manner of a solar battery.
      2.In place of three wheels four wheeler is more safer ,good looking ,and more comfortable also.
      3.the back placed sheets should be frount looking.Because every passenser likes to view frount side.
      With best wishes,
      Prof.H N Sanwaria

  • Rajeev CK says:

    O My God .. this also coming on the road ?

    Common guys think some thing beyond solutions on the Road !!!

    Enough is Enough I agree this will reduce the cost of travel and expanses so automatically on road traffic will only increase .. .. but what about travel time and also safety.. and all other concerns?..

    Every things else is a concern how long we target any solutions for road commutation !!!!

    Same technology ( Tata’s purchase of Air Engine technology ) Can be used for another best commutation solution for city travel..

    I would like to discuss this innovative idea only with Tata concerned group if there a channel opened

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