The Karnataka state cabinet nudged themselves after successful implementation of ‘’Suvarna Grama Scheme’’ in 3381 villages and greeted by the public and legislators and most importantly the members of the Opposition, decided to include 1000 more villages under the scheme by assuring Rs. 1012 crore.

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Education Minister Vishweshwara Hedge Kageri stated that 400 people will be required to ensure prosperous implementation of sakala (Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act) in 11 departments, while detailing the press-people on the decisions carried out by the cabinet. The cabinet for the development of an alternative road approves a cost of Rs.49 crore as traffic is banned during nighttime on the Bandipur-Sultan Bathery Road. The cabinet decided to allocate Rs. 42 crore for the rehabilitation and relocation of 942 families of the historical Aihole village in Bagalkot district to a new place quite closely located so as to protect old monuments in the village.

The government also resolved to expand the variety of trades which come under National pention scheme to 32. Now along with auto rickshaw and taxi drivers, hamals and hotel workers coming under unorganized sector, trades such as fishermen, coir workers, barbers, blacksmiths and home-based agarbathi workers, and sericulture farmers will be also included. All these beneficiaries will get Rs.1,000 as pension when they turn 60.