Bengal Engineering & Science University Scientist and Ashden award winner Santipada GonChaudhury has proposed a ‘solar shirt’ idea to the Science & Technology Department, Government of India- a novel technology that’s being developed by him and his team using which small 2.5″-3″ wide solar cells solar cells could directly be fixed into the shirt’s fiber or in the pockets, and when exposed to Sun shall produce ~400 Watts of energy. These solar cells shall power fans placed between two layers of fabric, thus chilling out the wearer in hot days. GonChaudhary finds it likely that the shirt’s power would suffice to charge mobile handsets, tablets and similar small gadgets.

solar powered shirt

Also, the ‘solar shirts’ won’t make a hole in the pocket, as GonChaudhary expects the price around Rs. 1600/- a piece, and adds that for the normal shirts costing Rs. 1000/-, an additional Rs. 600/- for solar-powered awesomeness is justified. Cool (and inexpensive) way to beat the heat, eh? What say you?