If you ask one of your closest friends in person, I bet they would admit that they secretly crave for a smooth, clean and glowing skin. For years together, men and women have been genuinely concerned about their skin on some or the other level, but rarely do something about it. Although like most of you all I too believe that a person’s true beauty lies in what’s inside than what’s visible outside, we can’t deny that the society deals with skin issues that could sometimes deeply impact their psyche and bring down a person’s overall confidence. For millions of Indians, these concerns and questions usually boil down to – ‘Only if there was a home remedy for no extra cost!’. Well, the new book by Dr. Jaishree Sharad titled ‘Skin Talks: Secrets To Glowing Skin For Men And Women’ is here to analyze and answer the many issues concerning our skins in a friendly no-nonsense manner.

Before talking about the book, here’s a little know-who about the author of this wonderful book. Dr. Jaishree Sharad is one of India’s leading cosmetic dermatologist. As a child, she wanted to be pediatrician, but couldn’t bear to witness a kid in pain. Today, she is serves as the president of the Cosmetic Dermatology Society of India (CDSI) and is also a part of the editorial team for many indexed dermatology journals. Awarded with many international awards, Dr. J, as she is fondly addressed by her clients, is here with a brand new book filled with real life stories adapted from the various case histories she has encountered till date. Moreover, the X-factor of the book doubled the day of its launch, which was attended by Bollywood Biggies like Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Neetu Kapoor.

Coming to the book – the first and foremost thing that you will notice and enjoy about it is the way the reader is able to easily relate to her prose. She breaks many myths about cosmetics and helps you understand if and which skin care products and techniques are the best for you. There’s useful information in the book that helps the reader understand important facts, such as how one needs to change their skin care methods with increasing age and how different seasons call for changing treatments.

The bits I enjoyed reading the most includes the home remedies for the most common skin problems like acne and sun tan. Anyone who is sensitive about their skin (more so because it’s the most visible organ of our body), must be tired of choosing the right moisturizer and wondering whether a certain sunscreen or cleanser is really needed for our skin, will find that the book guides you in the right direction and helps you getting the basics straight. Helping you choosing the right from the wrong and making your daily skin care routine easier than ever, Dr. J swiftly helps the reader take better decisions about skin care and sends out a strong message for those suffering from various skin problems – ‘There’s a way out!”

I would recommend this book to anyone who is willing to run that extra mile to gain the knowledge of the basics of what’s the best for their skin. Finally, it comes down to whether you want to trust the word-of-mouth tips that circulate among us or bank on the word of Dr. J who has had the experience of treating thousands of clients. Get your hands on this book if you are genuinely concerned about your skin and have spent unnecessary amount of time walking up and down the aisle of the local store looking for the best skin care product. The book may not be your usual page-turner, but it leaves you with enough information so that you save yourself a few bucks that would’ve burned out on the next trip to the local beautician, a skin therapist or a dermatologist. After all, why not look good outside when you are so beautiful inside?

Overall Rating – 3.5/5

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