Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx, Bruno Mars
Director: Carlos Saldanha
Verdict: If you looking for only entertainment watch it


Rio 2

The Story on Paper

The Blue Spix Macaw family, which now has an addition of three kids, set off on a tropical expedition to the Amazon in search of others of their kind. Nico, Pedro and Rafael also tag along to search for the next singing superstar for the carnival of Rio. Once they reach the mystical forests of Amazon, Blu (Jesse Eisenberg)  is unwittingly pitted against his father in-law who lives in the forest heading a flock of blue macaws who live  in isolation away from the prying eyes of humans. There begins the tale of a husband trying to sway the  father in law while being jealous of a muscular good looking childhood friend of the wife who keeps hitting on her. Jewel (Anne Hathaway) feels at home in the jungle but Blu being a city bird who feels more comfortable with iPad and GPS around him struggles to cope up in the wild.

There are also other sub plots about illegal timber trading, Blu’s biggest enemy; the ruthless Nigel trying incessantly to kill him and the friendly humans who are trying to protect the environment.

The writer Saldanha has taken the story forward by introducing new plots, new characters and some fresh music ,all packaged in a story which also tries to speak up for the environment. But is it entertaining enough to hold your attention throughout the runtime? Keep reading.

The Cinema on the Screen

Rio 2 deals with the most common struggle of every sequel, the painstaking task of out doing its predecessor by taking the story forward organically and as naturally as possible along with introducing new characters  which should be written well enough to keep the fans of the first movie entertained. Rio 2 manages all that fine.

But It falters because  the writer tries to put in a little more plots than what was required. It has a father trying to meet his father in-laws expectations, a vengeful bird who sets off to kill the bird who made him flightless, an environmentalist couple trying to save the forest and its habitants from illegal timber traders. When there are many sub plots in a story none of them get their due time on the screen which leaves the viewer emotionally perplexed. The writer could have kept things simple and explored one thoroughly instead of having  multiple half-baked plots.

What Rio 2 gets right is the pace, the story keeps on moving which doesn’t give the viewer’s much time to ponder. The movie keeps you entertained through some funny characters (Nico & Pedro ), witty one liners and some cool American Idol music which is sprinkled generously throughout the runtime.

Final Word

Though Rio 2 doesn’t let you get bored but that’s not what we expect from a Blue Sky Studios (Ice Age, Rio, Epic, etc).The movie is visually stunning, audibly soothing, the voice over is great (Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx, Bruno Mars, etc) but it  lacks  a strong focussed plot which stops it from making a connection with your heart.

If it is only entertainment you are seeking then you will not feel disappointed but if you are looking for something more mature and emotive, watch movies like Up, Finding Nemo, Frozen etc  at your home.

Overall Rating: 3/5