Rich India has launched Theta S, its latest 360-degree camera, for Rs 39,995/-. The camera could be pre-ordered from Ricoh’s online store for Rs 7,199/- and shall begin shipping in December. Do not mistake the pre-order price as the final price of the camera, and to know more of the price-breakup we suggest go through the ‘View Details’ page they’ve offered in their site. Leaving this, they haven’t let out any detail about the balance amount which a potential buyer may have to shell out.

The Theta S has similar dimensions as your regular air-conditioner remote, and weighs just 125 grams. Important features of the camera include its two 12-megapixel fish-eye lenses on either side to render an instant 360-degree picture/video. The lenses also have f/2.0 aperture which ensures good photo performance even in low-light scenarios. The camera can capture a good 25-minute of full-HD video at 30fps on continuous shooting. Now the 25-minute cap on the time-limit was forced to avoid classification of Theta S as a video camera, which imposes different duties and taxes. The rubberized coating on the body offers an easy yet firm grip. A single shutter button in the front with LEDs also serves to indicate the mode you are in – picture or video.


On the body’s right hand side exist the power button, Wi-fi and shooting mode toggle buttons. Microphone and speaker find place at the top, while the bottom houses space for a micro-USB, a tripod mount and a mini-HDMI port. You’ve got 8GB of built-in memory, but no SD card-slot, so no expandable memory. The pictures and videos captured through Theta S could be viewed using the Theta app for Android, iOS and Windows. It’s also officially compatible with Google’s Street View app. Not only this, but also you may share the 360-degree pictures/videos captured via this camera on compatible social networking platforms like Facebook, Google and YouTube 360, and you may even share it on Ricoh’s API is open for developers and hence the features could be included in third-party apps even.

The Live View feature of the app lets you employ your smartphone as a viewfinder, helping you see the subject you’re shooting or even place the camera and a given place and move out of the frame if you don’t desire to be in the shot. You may even live stream images when connected via USB and even take long exposure shots through the app. The rated battery life is 300 shots, but that is subject to vary according to Wi-Fi usage and video shooting time (if any).

Even for a 3D-picture camera, 39,995 is somewhere on a pricier side. But considering it an investment for the fun and interaction one can have with the pictures/videos, I’d say it’s a worthy investment.