“How would you like to pay Sir?” “I’ll use my hand please”. Quixter, a Swedish startup has developed a new device that will let you pay with the swipe of a hand. We know that the fingerprints of individuals vary, well so do the patterns of veins in their hands. Fredrik Leifland, student of engineering at the Lund University and founder of the startup, used this as the basis of development of the payment device.

Swipe Hand To Pay

The biometric system scans patterns of veins in the hands of the payer. It then identifies the payer from the unique layout of her or his veins and processes payments. Leifland has so far deployed fifteen machines in the university campus. As per the inventor there is no way of committing fraud with this system since you will always have to get your hand scanned before a payment goes through.

“When you go to pay in the supermarket you enter the last four digits of your phone number and then you hold your hand above the sensor. The transaction takes less than 5 seconds,” said Leifland. Speaking to the website ‘Humans Invent’ Leifland mentioned that the reason for making users type the last four digits of their phone number is to ensure that they give a quick glance on the amount they are paying.

According to pcmag.com, in order to be able to use this system, people will first have to visit the store that has it installed and register with their social security number and phone number. New users will receive an activation link from Quixter after they scan their palms thrice. After providing some more information that links users’ biometric profile to payment methods they will be all set.