They barge into a locked house and decamp with expensive goods, they stand beside a kiosk and pass lewd comments to every female passing by, they join a group of rogue men and help them in their shoddy deeds; they rape, harass and torment but are let off by the law getting termed as a “JUVENILE”. Welcome to this ironic world where justice is “denied” to none!

minor juvenile criminal delhi gang rape

The recent Delhi rape case threw light on how one of the miscreants was let off due to his “MINORITY”! Apart from this, several other cases witnessing a similar situation of minor being let off on a warning are reported, the juvinile here brazenly beat her up with a heavy iron rod which tore her intestine, and while she begged him to stop, he contined doing so rendering cuss words! He, it is believed was under influence of alcohol  Yet the law calls him a ‘JUVENILE’! Where did his innocence go while committing that crime? If it continues so, many abysmal crimes shall be committed by these minors who shall have no fear of getting punished! The government should look into the intensity of crime and the guilty’s age. After all, “CRIME BEGETS CRIME” and the guilty should be punished accordingly. It should be enforced that children get healthy environment and are provided with proper guidance. So next time, a minor commits a crime, his right place should not be on the roads for the crime is NOT SO JUVENILE!