India is a very complex country. Apart from the flora and fauna, it is the people from all plethora of the society. And these people have mouth, a very loud and wide one at that. We are used to these bigmouths but media are magnifying them to enormous level, so much so that media along with the person who had said something dumb seems equally responsible. Sadly, media debates about such dumb statements, which leads to even dumber debates and again it leads to more noise than useful information, in communication terms.

asaram bapu

We have a big history of such people, and unfortunately these people have some very loyal supporters (fanatics), who don’t have any rational minds, they trudge the path shown by their guru, which may be wrong for all of us but not for them. The more unfortunate the incident, dumber the statements and more headlines they make. Asaram Bapu, a controversial Godman has again said something which by any standard makes him a chauvinist, and more than that an idiot. He says women are equally responsible for rapes; the victim should have taken the name of God and should have asked one of the culprits to be her brother! If this is not enough, he adds that those who are making hue and cry over this statement are barking dogs. Really, people call them spiritual gurus! This is the apathy of not only our law enforcement system but also our social life. RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat again said something which his backyard political party BJP rejected to comply. Now Abu Azmi commented about the length of clothes of women in cities. These are our leaders!

When we say the thinking of the society has to be changed, we must first of all check whom we are listening to or following to. The way these ‘spiritual’ and ‘leaders’ think about Women, we have a long way to go! These men have wrong thinking and they impart this thinking in their followers. Who is wrong? Followers for sure! If you do not have a rational and independent mind why do you endorse some ones thinking? The thinking of the society doesn’t change overnight, but it is gradual process in which we as a society have to move forward step by step! To change the minds of young, you need to nurture them in environment which in conducive to independent thinking. Until you cannot change this mindset, heinous crimes are going to happen, whatever punishment you give them!