Devdutt Pattanaik’s storytelling prowess is further accentuated by his illustrations. Every single person may discover a different meaning in the sacred Bhagavad Gita, and My Gita is Devdutt’s interpretation of the scripture, and not just a simplification of the same. It’s like you’re reading something based out of the Gita, and not the Gita itself.

my gita devdutt pattanaik

Just like in the Gita, Devdutt has categorised his understandings into 18 different chapters. The author has aligned his book’s main theme with that of the Gita, but has transitioned from its mythological roots to present to his readers something more philosophical. He has even demystified the Vedas and ideologies the holy book imparts every now and then with simple pragmatic themes. There’s also an etymology of words like Yagna, Buddhi, Brahmana, etc., words which we have come across so often but understand only so superficially. He even differentiates via illustrations many terminologies like soul and atma, among others.

my gita devdutt pattanaik

There have been so many books in so many languages that have come out on the Bhagavad Gita, so how is this any different? Well, for one, it’s Devdutt’s first ever attempt at philosophy, and a rather good one. The scope of knowledge that Gita offers is infinite, and considering that this author in particular likes his books to be full of diagrams and charts and illustrations, I was pretty happy with the size of the book. All good things come in small package, right? He doesn’t dwell too much on a single topic, and connects all his eighteen chapters seamlessly.

The best part about My Gita is that the reader’s kept out of the religious charade. You don’t necessarily have to be from a particular religion to enjoy the contents of this book. It’s approach embraces a wider domain, one which accepts all.

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