Mumbai traffic police have floated a proposal as per which any motorist violating traffic rules shall be bestowed negative points (how many shall depend on the type and extent of offence). The traffic police said that initially they’ll be setting up a zero tolerance zone where a minimum 20-25 policemen shall be posted from 8am to 10pm. These shall be the zones where even the smallest of offences shall be penalized. One penalty point shall be awarded for stopping vehicles on zebra crossings, jumping signals, parking in no-parking zone, lane cutting, fancy number plates, driving without helmet/seatbelt, etc. Three penalty points shall be awarded for violation of speed limits, five points for dangerous driving, and a maximum of ten points for drunken driving. For those whose tally reaches 15 points, licences shall be suspended for a period of six months, and for those whose tally reaches 20, licences shall be permanently revoked.

Mumbai Steps Up On Road Safety Earn 20 Negative Points And Get Your License Revoked Forever

The policemen are wondering whether to establish this model at JVPD junction in Juhu or the Airport junction in Vile Parle, and the selected junction shall be monitored closely for offences. Once the police implement all the proper signage, they’ll kick start the point-penalty model. While the present model has policemen sweating over the offenders, the future shall have automatic CCTV cameras capturing the offender’s registration number and generate the challan (penalty receipt) which shall be mailed to the offender’s mail id or shall be SMSed to his number. The mail-id and phone number shall be registered when the person applies for license. If this model gets approved, Mumbai road culture is bound to improve significantly.