If you’ve watched Mumbai Pune Mumbai and fallen in love with its melodious songs, its refreshing story and its quirky lead characters, I am sure you were waiting very eagerly for the release of the movie’s second part. Ever since the director Satish Rajwade declared the return of Gautam (Swapnil Joshi) and Gauri (Mukta Barve) as they make their journey up to their wedding day. I have been waiting impatiently for this movie’s release, and finally come Diwali 2015, we have been served with a crackling second part – Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 Lagnala Yaychach.

mumbai pune mumbai 2 swapnil joshi mukta barve

While the first movie was made interesting by its plot that revolved around a single day, the second part spans a good 6 months. The story takes off only days from where it ended in the first part. The duo – Gauri and Gautam have now started going out, their parents have mutually agreed to their marriage and Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 is all about from that point to the actual wedding day. This movie, just like the first one, is full of puns on Mumbaikars and Punekars and you’ll find yourself giggling on most of the jokes that the protagonists make about each other’s city. A majority of the audience could connect to these slangs/puns. Marriage and the uncertainty that follows the holy institution form the main plot of the film. Also, there exist more than a few scenes in the movie where viewers (especially those about to be married, newlyweds as well as their parents) will feel the scene taken right out of real life and portrayed on the big screen with a real charm. Be it the scene where Gauri and her mother talk about how her life is going to change suddenly or when Gautam turns to his father and mother for advice. Though, it’s something that happens in every household, to see it enacted by two actors giving stellar performances throughout with supporting actors playing their part with equal aplomb, is what makes this movie a must-see for every Marathi movie lover out there.

The chemistry between Swapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve is brilliant. Similar to the first film, here they miss no opportunity to establish their respective city’s superiority. Where the Puneri prides himself on Tamhini Ghat, the Mumbaikar swells his chest on Nariman Point. These debates and jokes continue till the very end. There’s also quabble between the lead pair over personal priorities, and the issues which sprout due to the misunderstandings. There are even times when you may feel  overwhelmed with all the simmering confusion between our protagonists just days before marriage.

The amusing father in Prashant Damle, the loving granny in Suhas Joshi, the cautious bride’s mother in Savita Prabhune, the upbeat, go-to aunt in Asawari Joshi are all very believable and make the movie an interesting ride. Though the tune of the new super hit song ‘Saath de tu mala‘ will linger on your mouth for a long time after the movie, this film’s strong arm is definitely not its songs. It is the lovable characters, the charismatic acting and the close-to-real-life plot. Another interesting point to note about this movie is its color tone. All throughout the movie, you’ll find the use of bright, vibrant colors, which give the otherwise plain scenes an upbeat look.

If you loved Mumbai Pune Mumbai, you’d find this sequel extremely entertaining. Go for it.

Overall Rating : 4/5