Have you ever wondered how it feels when your entire foundation, your entire system of hopes and wishes are crushed and crumbled?

Have you, in your own different way, ever hit the rock-bottom?

Maybe yes, fortunately no.

But the biggest question is, once you do, how you bounce back from it.

Check out the story of Ritika Aawsathi from our new series – ‘Life Diaries’.

This time we managed to get a lady, a Survivor, in fact, from Allahabad, who underwent a failed marriage, divorce, domestic violence and was thrown on streets, helpless and penniless. It’s her story of how she went to commit Suicide and then choose not to and fight back.

Today she is a name in Allahabad. She runs an NGO and an independent Theatre company in Allahabad, a city, still troubling from Gender bias and issues of employability.

Watch her episode of Marriage and Suicide:

Snippet –

The story of a boy who lost his parents and then his dreams, at the age of 19 years. Satish Gupta always wanted to be in theatre and films and being a Mumbai boy it was relatively easy also for him. But then the sad demise of both his parents made him grow older than what he was.

And that brought in the tussle of Responsibility vs Passion in his life.

Check out his story:

This story is about a guy who has lived his life, till now, on his own terms. He claims and I quote, “Every action, every step you take should have a story to tell.”

And that’s what makes his piece interesting.

Shubham is an engineer who proudly claims that he has designed and manufactured a car and drove it at the age of 20 years old. Created a company in his name, employing 5 people out of which 3 were completely dependent on the salary which he gave at the age of 24.

So here is the story of Shubham Jha, a middle-class boy who ventured out to create a company of his own, a company which unfortunately tanked.

Below is the snippet of Shubham’s story from Life Diaries:


The story of a boy from Jaipur, who comes from a lower middle-class family, whose upbringing has been among the colonies of sex workers etc.

The story revolves around an incident, where his elder brother was supposed to marry a girl. But his brother never turned up for the marriage and in turn, he was forced, by his family and relatives to marry that girl.

Listen to what happened to him that night and how he was forced into a marriage:


The story of a man whom I just happened to meet on a Mumbai Local train. He was a performer, a street performer. The skill made me go and meet him and request him to agree to an interview for Life Diaries. He listened to everything and then denied politely, letting me know that he was mute, he can’t speak.

To listen to his complete story: