As the common man copes up with “buffering”, a Kochi-base Startup Village recognized as India’s first telecom incubator lays down 1Gbps of awesome connectivity for equally awesome netizens. This is only the second place in the world after Kansas City (US) to be relishing this high a speed. A three-hour HD movie being downloaded within 40 seconds- now who won’t like that!?

Kochi’s Startup Village Runs Superfast Internet Of 1Gbps! Now Download Full HD Movie In Seconds

By shifting to this connectivity, Startup Village has put forward a huge step to manifest as the largest telecom incubator around the globe. Formally launched on November 17 by Kerala Chief Minister Shri Oommen Chandy, the facility aims to produce world-class startups from Indian soil. Startup Village Chairman Sanjay Vijayakumar stated that the facility is working towards developing a tech-ecosystem thus realizing the dream of a Silicon Coast in India, that’ll be at par with Silicon Valley. The submarine landing station and 100% teledensity at Kochi brings about just the perfect backdrop to modify the tech-startup policies to achieve the desired goals.

Internet biggie Google launched 1Gbps at Startup Village, Kansas City, as part of the Google Fibre Network, which is rated 100 times as fast as the average American broadband speed. India plans to launch the same speed by mid-2013, but as of now, Kochi is the first city in the nation to be having this massive speed.