If Jurassic Park inspired awe, with its groundbreaking visual effects, Jurassic World will invoke terror. Advertised as a family movie largely aimed at kids of all age, this is one truly terrifying affair which pushes the boundaries of its PG 13/UA rating and delivers a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat. This is finally the sequel that the original deserved.

I was largely skeptical after watching the first trailer, it looked liked a soulless, uninspired sequel, largely due to the fact Chris Pratt was racing a bike with Raptors, thus nullifying the original’s last act. Thankfully with the help of some clever screenwriting and mainly Chris Pratt’s charisma they pull it off like a charm.


The score deserves special mention, it’s really difficult following up to John Williams’ iconic score, which when heard here, is majestically nostalgic, Michael Giacchino masterfully implements that and supplements it with some brilliant compositions of his own which are superb in the action sequences and add to the urgency and tension.

The original had a lot of practical creature effects which added to the grandeur, as you knew there was a physically imposing behemoth in front of you, CGI fails in this aspect, this however was a slight exception,  the CGI was really well done. The Indominus Rex  had some pretty impressive set of skills,  the most badass of which was the camouflage, I wish the final battle had a bit more to it rather than just being a monster mash with the series’ main feature, T-Rex.

dinosaur-indominus-rex-jurassic-world (1)

The movie has a tons of Easter eggs, points if you spot Mr. DNA, the references do not seem overbearing rather give the movie a sense of self awareness. Jurassic World isn’t without its flaws (I can’t wait to watch its Cinema Sins/Honest Trailer). If you thought the kids in the original were irritating, the elder brother here raises the bar to  Dakota Fanning in War of The Worlds level. BD Wong as the chief research scientist reveals himself as a real life Vampire who looks like hasn’t aged a day since the original came out, over 20 years. As awesome as the Raptor introductory scenes were, they do go way overboard in the concluding 20 minutes. The Raptor nodding ‘I got this’ to Chris Pratt, A T-Rex on the loose, which is still an unstoppable killing machine, not an amicable, over-sized lizard which skips ready meals.


Irrfan Khan minus his bizarre accent is quite good in his role, he should have had an iconic line, he had the moment and the setup was just right, but that was a big miss, Bryce Dallas Howard is serviceable at best. Vincent D’Onofrio’s villainous role is morally conflicting, he does offer to save people even though the outcome of it would weaponise the Raptors, I do not really think we should have been rooting for the other team to hold out into possibly saving a lot of lives. Though his role is of a one note antagonist, Private Pyle manages to get under your skin.  Chris Pratt however is a Mega star. Jurassic World has earned half a billion dollars in its opening weekend, this is testament to the fact he is untouchable right now. He steals every scene that he is in and delivers every dialogue with absolute conviction.

This has been a great year for summer blockbusters and this is popcorn entertainment at its best.

Overall Rating : 3.5/5