Techies from Assam grouped together to create an Assamese word processor just like MS Word- complete with spell checker and word suggestions – and can be used by people having a basic knowledge of Assamese. Named Jahnabi, the tool could be useful for people who need assistance in writing Assamese. The website has garnered over 60k hits and the free unicode-compliant software has been downloaded by 1000+ users since its launch on November 25th. Sizing 7 megabytes, the software at present accommodates approximately 2.5 lakh Assamese words and 108 readymade Assamese phrases in its dictionary and counting. A programmer from the team informed that the processor programming is based on dotnet platform and C# language with about 15000 lines of code. The Beta version of the software took 25 days to get completed, and the final software was designed in four months.

Jahnabi assamese microsoft word

The software houses an auto-suggestion feature for the convenience of the users- just type in ‘K’ and all words beginning from Ka shall be suggested- like Kamal, Kamtapur etc. There are even 600 Assamese idioms. The user can even opt to create a shortcut for frequently used idioms. Also, he may add select words to his dictionary. For vowel symbols, also known as swara sinha in Assamese, a person has to punch in a¬†double I for the vowel symbol representing a long E to appear and the alphabet O in capital producing a long ‘oo’ sound like in the word cool. A list of what each English letter on user’s QWERTY keyboard corresponds to in Assamese has been given to assist the user.

The Jahnabi software shall be constantly updated, and more words shall be incorporated in it with time.