Security experts Eric Michaud and Ryan Lackey have discovered a new weapon to ensure non-tampering of your personal devices like laptop or tablet- glitter nail polish. Physical tampering is a growing problem, and these researchers believe that this glitter nail polish can help people know when their personal machines have been physically tampered with. While a majority of people employ tamper-proof seals over the ports and screws of their laptop, these can be replicated or opened cleanly in minutes by anyone with a minimal training, stated the experts at the  Chaos Communication Congress in Germany.

Glitter NailPolish Against Physical Data Tampering

Seals developed with glitter nail polish are impossible to copy. Once applied over screws or on seals covering ports, it creates a random pattern which is hard to replicate once broken. Take a picture of the laptop with the seals applied while leaving it alone, and take another snap upon returning, and compare the two pictures on a software to learn whether your system has been compromised. Even the smallest of evidences- like a screw slightly out, or the nail polish showing a lower glitter shall come out distinctively. The researchers added that astronomers employ a similar method called blink comparison to detect minute alterations in the night sky.