The superlative google doodle today that marks the 107th anniversary of  cartoonist and animator Winsor Zenic McCay’s work Little Nemo in Slumberland, totally relives the awesomeness of Nemo’s comic escapades. McCay’s comic strip first appeared inked in New York Herald on 15th October, 1905, and the New York American produced it under the title “In the Land of Wonderful Dreams.” More than the concept behind the comic, McCay’s work was loved for the bold and fashionable renditions of his characters, and today’s ineractive doodle does complete justice to his work on those very grounds. Plus the fun.

The doodle, with its comic-book feel and an animation-finish, has an interesting story to show in it’s panels, and the way the letters in ‘Google’ are used is pretty amazing. This is undoubtedly one of the best doodles to have decorated the Google homepage this year, and one can easily understand why it’s ruling the major twitter trends today. Here’s how the full doodle looks like:

Google Doodle for cartoonist and animator Winsor Zenic McCay

McCay’s other noteworthy works feature Dream of the Rarebit Fiend, and also the cartoon Gertie the Dinosaur.