An Indian-American teenager and freshman at MIT, 18-year old Saumil Bandyopadhyay has been awarded the esteemed American Ingenuity Award for modernizing nanotechnology, in a way that can benefit several industries from automobiles to astronomy. The boy developed a unique sensitive infrared radiation detector that’s cheap and could be employed in several scientific, civilian and military applications. Saumil was among 10 people selected for second annual Ingenuity Awards last month.

indian american saumil bandopadhyay ingenuity award

The Smithsonian Magazine has posted that the device developed by Saumil has already attracted attention of the US Army. The article stated that the device could in future be used to reduce the car-crash rates, by letting vehicles feel each other in fog or darkness. Also, the device could be used in stellar nurseries, in detection of land mines and to observe global warming. The device functions at room temperature sans any heavy and expensive nitrogen tanks, which are required to cool most of the other infrared sensors.Seventh grade onwards, Bandyopadhyay has bagged several science awards. Most recently, he was featured in a documentary titled ‘Genius in America’. As of now, he has five peer-reviewed scientific papers to his name.