Amit Bhatnagar, an IIT-Roorkee alumnus along with collaborators in IIT Delhi has developed a miniaturized biochemistry-laboratory setup in a suitcase, after quitting his plush job at Hollywood’s Universal-Studios. The setup costs Rs 3.5 lakhs at max (including blood analyzer, centrifuge, Micro pipettes, incubator, Laptop with Patient Data Management Software and consumables), and stuffed within a suitcase, it’s sufficient enough to carry out accurately 23 critical medical tests- including ones for heart, liver, kidney, arthritis and diabetes. The rural folks who’ve got very little access to diagnostics find a great boon in this invention, launched by Science and Technology minister S. Jaipal Reddy.

lab in a suitcase

The inventor of this portable biochem-lab states that its major advantage lies in the design, the rugged analyzer, easy portability and its inexpensiveness. Central Reserve Police Force, Border Roads Organisation and various programs under National Rural Health Mission are using this lab on a pilot basis.