If you thought human poop had utility only for pigs, think again. Engineers have designed a 40-seater Bio-Bus that entirely runs on gas generated by human/food waste, and has already has its first run between Bristol Airport and Bath city center. The bus shall be used to provide shuttle service between these two points. In a single tank of gas (which is an equivalent of around five people’s waste in an year’s period), the bus can travel a range of 186 miles (300 kilometers). Developers believe that not only this Bio-Bus provide a sustainable way to fuel public transport, but will even better the quality of urban air.

The gas generated from human feces, biomethane, produces fewer emissions as compared to traditional diesel engines and is both renewable and sustainable. It’s generated in Bristol sewage treatment works, run by GENeco (a subsidiary of Wessex Water). GENeco generates approximately 17 million cubic meters of biomethane per annum, which is more than sufficient to power 8,300 homes. The company recently even became the first in UK to inject gas from human/food waste into the national gas grid network.