Google Owned robotics lab, Boston Dynamics has rolled out a video of its Atlas Robot, also known as Ian. The 6.2 feet high metal creature weighs around 153 Kgs., seems iconic as its can perform the martial art poses from the film ‘Karate Kid’ while balancing itself on cinder blocks. A minute and a half long video was posted on Youtube by Boston Dynamics showing Ian replicating the iconic scene from the film.


Ian is a part of Boston Dynamics’ ongoing robotics project aiming to create autonomous robots that can replace human beings in several roles specifically hazardous ones like fire fighting. The company has already reached to a substantial point, Ian can do various activities, including traversing uneven and difficult terrain, carrying objects like fire hoses, also getting in to a car and drive it. The bot can also use both its hands and feet to climb over most difficult obstacles, just like humans do.

Boston Dynamics Atlas

Atlas Robot’s physical appearance is like a human being with one head, two arms and two legs. The head is fitted with two cameras and laser range finder to provide Ian a necessary depth perception to judge things in better way. It can rotate its head to have a better understanding of surrounding. In all Ian has 28 movable joints enabling it to perform tasks with much detailing and perception.

Ian gets its power by an electric generator connected to it my means of cable. This perhaps restricts the bot, but Boston Dynamics assured to get rid of this too.

Check out the video of Atlas mimicking ‘The Karate Kid’ –