3D-printing is the immediate future, where technology has huge potential to scale up. General Electric has set up an advanced 3D printing plant in Chakan, Pune, where the  company shall manufacture engines, jets and turbines comprising 3D printed parts. It’s for the first time in India that this huge a plant dedicated to 3D printing technology is being set up. Also, it’s the first time in India where engines and other similar structures shall be fitted with 3D printed parts.

3d printed engine

Thomas Mitchell, General Manager – Supply Chain, GE Water and Power commented on the Chakan plant launch, where he said that the plant shall be formally opened later this year. At first, the plant shall be printing plastic parts, and shall later delve into metal parts and components, he added.

3D printing is generally employed to create parts, components, models and in creating prototypes. It’s even very helpful in printing three-dimensional models from a digital mode. General Electric is investing $200 million in the manufacturing facility. This shall be the first multi-modal industry manufacturing facility addressing the requirements of enterprises ranging from power to aviation to trasportation to healthcare from the same manufacturing facility.