Bollywood first ventured into the zombie genre in 2013 with two good movies – Go Goa Gone and Rise Of The Zombie. Now the Tamil film industry has stepped in to tap goodness off the dead with Miruthan. Starring Jayam Ravi and Lakshmi Menon, the film is directed by Shakthi Soundara Rajan.

miruthan tamil zombie movie

One man against all the zombies

miruthan zombie dog

The Zombie Dog

The trailer looks insane-maximus. I could even relate it with the the comic The Rabhasa Incident, which had similar graphics on paper. The action choreography looks good, and one can spot the many referential materials used from famous Hollywood zombie movies. There’s even the zombie dog that one could easily associate with the Resident Evil franchise. Even so, all the similarities aside, this is one big step for Tamil cinema, and we’re so looking forward to its release. D. Imaan is the music director for the film.

Miruthan releases in theaters later this year. Watch the trailer here-