Have you been one of the billion unfortunate cricket fans to have missed the last outing of the GOD of Cricket? Then this book ‘Final Test : Exit Sachin Tendulkar‘ is the most precious gift for you by Dilip D’Souza to make you relive those magical moments including the anxiety & excitement before and during the last test match of Sachin Tendulkar.

The book as a whole covers every detail of the final test match of the Master and you can keep it as a souvenir once you have read it as all the statistics, scorecard and moments are perfectly captured in the book including Sachin’s overwhelming speech thanking everyone who has been a support to him in the last two decades to the emotional moment when one last time he enters & exits the cricket field in the Indian Cap.

The author has a pretty good hold over the narrative, and attempts to transfer every minutest of detail and personal experience sitting on the stand as a diehard fan of cricket & its God and truly makes all the moment alive. At times I felt the author’s description of the moment being a little bit verbose, but that could be excused because if you read the book in one sitting you will feel as if you are witnessing the moment LIVE. But there are few places where he could have dropped the gun, like while mentioning the Mexican Wave, he actually went on to describe the origins of the same, and that was pretty much dragging.

One of the highlights of the books is the description of the Wisden Photo Of the Year by Atul Kamble, when Sachin walks out of the pavilion to swing his willow for the last time. It’s purely magical and the literary impact it holds is almost the same as the one when experienced on-screen.

The author’s brilliant writing plus his keen observations and arguments of the game has brought this sport alive, and being an ardent Sachin fan I extremely enjoyed reading and reliving those precious moments, and as I reached the end of the book, to me it was as if an era has ended.

Overall Rating : 4/5

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