Searching content on Facebook is not always convenient, especially when you want to check out the profile of a particular Hari Krishna from Pune (India) working in some XYZ company, or any person for that matter sharing a specific interest. Claiming to put an end to this inefficiency over search navigation, Facebook recently launched its social network search tool called ‘Graph Search’ which features some real powerful filters that searches throughout the network to generate the very specific results you were looking for, thus rendering a better search experience.

facebook graph search tool

The search shall generate only those results which are public or shared by you, and the company has ensured that user-privacy shan’t be compromised upon. To try out the Beta version, you’ll have to sign up with thousands of others in the waiting list here: Facebook Graph Search. 

We believe that this search tool could boost up Facebook to a whole new dimension if everything works out right, and to check out whether it does, we already booked our spot in the waiting list. Have you?