Central Plot

In winter of 1990, Sahir witnesses the suicide of his father (Jacky Shroff) who loses the circus he owns to the bank when he is not able to pay back the loan in time. His father decides to end his life blaming the bank for it.

A few years down the lane, Sahir is all grown up and has raged one man war against the Western Bank of Chicago .His only motive in life is to destroy the bank completely to avenge the death of his father. He starts robbing the branches of the bank one at time slowly crumbling the banks credibility and its stock value. The Chicago police is clueless and ropes in cops from India as the thief after every robbery leaves behind a message in Hindi and a symbol of a clown.

dhoom 3 poster

Sahir has a deep rooted motive to destroy the bank and he is always one step ahead of the cops who are absolutely outclassed by the way his robberies are executed and planned, like a magic show.

ACP Jai Dixit and his sidekick Ali Akbar decide to put an end to the robberies by catching the Clown thief but little do they know about Sahir’s well protected Secret which is also is trump card in this game of Dhoom. Sahir and his father had always concealed this secret within the four walls of the Great Indian Circus.

What is the secret that always puts Sahir one step ahead in the robberies? How will ACP Jai Dixit counter a thief who is a master in the art of delusion and is hell bent on sweeping the bank off the face of the earth?

Direction, Screenplay & Cinematography

Dhoom 3, directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, has all the elements of a big budget action flick. It has beautiful locations, well designed action sequences, expensive cameras to capture every single detail, a good VFX to make action sequences slicker and a dependable actor who can be best described by the title that he has been given by his fans, Mr Perfectionist. Every thing is in favour of the movie except the raw unrealism with which the major portions have been shot.

Acharya used special effects and action sequences to avoid probable dead ends in the screenplay. Where he couldn’t think of a way to dodge the cops he would put in some outlandish technological device in the bike which let alone a Clown thief, even MI6 would never have made for Mr Bond. Such dead ends are where you explore the mind as a thief and find out ingenious ways to surprise the audience but alas! There is lack of creativity here or maybe lack of courage to use it.

Tell me Mr Acharya, in the Bascule bridge sequence, how did the Air filled rubber tube turn into plastic as soon as the bike entered the water?

If we leave behind those convenient bypasses that Mr Acharya took in the screenplay then you might say he has done a better job as a director mostly in the 2nd half of the movie by keeping the glitter to the minimum and giving enough screen time for the clown thief’s  character to develop.

The cinematography by Sudeep Chaterjee is good and he is able to capture the action sequences with exemplary detail .


The movie belongs to Aamir Khan and the director had planned this since Day 1 as Aamir is present in 90 percent of the scenes. The other actors are merely fillers, they have no contribution to the story line whatsoever. Especially Katrina Kaif, I am still wondering why was she even there in the movie? She had absolutely no role to play and the same goes for AB Junior, “Dude, you are a good actor but you have no scope here, Dhoom will always be a villains movie and no matter what you do in the movie the villain and the actor who play it always win”. Uday Chopra’s role has diminished but the endearing Ali  manages to get a few laughs in the limited scope he gets.

Aamir Khan is what this movie rides on and he does do a fine job especially in the 2nd Half of the movie where he gets a chance to show off his skills as a fine actor. I loved the way his transitions are shown in the movie ,the small changes in body language and eye movement and style of walking. Aamir you are truly the saving grace of this Dhoom.

Final Word

Dhoom:3 rides high on high octane stunts, bike chases and Aamir Khan. The story is not weak but lacks imagination .I personally feel that it had a lot of potential but was unexplored. Aamir is Fabulous as the clown thief and is the reason why you should what the movie. If you don’t watch too many Hollywood action flicks you might love this edition of Dhoom but unfortunately for me this year is going to end with Disappointment.

What I had expected from the movie: A slick thriller with an emotional core which will make me root for the villain
Praises: Aamir Khan, splendid visuals, action sequences
Complains: Convenient Screenplay, Unimaginative story and ending

Over All Rating: A Generous 2.75/5

(Extra Points given for the sincere performance by Aamir Khan)