I’m one of those who hits the comics after watching the movie (other way round for the books), but I’d made an exception with Deadpool as its marketing campaign was feverishly funny. The master fourth-wall breaker ensures the fun and wisecrackery in the film as well, and I couldn’t help but giggle like a little girl at the most adolescent of jokes being cracked on screen.

The cool opening credits set the tone for the film, where every darn comic-book superhero film is stripped down to reveal in all honesty the true traits of people behind its making. Deadpool, suited up in red spandex, is busy beating the shit out of bad guys, where in constant breaks and beautiful slow-mos, he switches into flashback mode to share with us his origin story. A disreputable mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) falls in love with Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) over some pop-culture references, but the happiness is short-lived when Wade discovers he’s in last stage cancer. In order to make right by Vanessa and to free her of any more pain, he leaves here and signs up with a organisation that offers him to be a superhero. A rogue experiment and severe torture later, Wade gets converted into a mutant and looks like rotten carcass. Now he seeks vengeance against those who did this to him, and joining forces with him are Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) and Colossus (voiced by Stefan Kapicic).

deadpool action

The plot is pretty basic, and one needs no second guesses as to where this series is heading. The X-Men franchise will soon have the naughtiest of mutants fighting alongside the good guys, and I for one am looking forward to it. Storywise the scope’s limited. What makes Deadpool a really exceptional film is the way it has been stylized. The action choreography is one of the best of what we’ve witnessed in the Marvel universe, second only to Captain America: Winter Soldier. Such gory treat. Also the one-liner rich dialogues make sure your jaw muscles have good exercise laughing.

The film makes a good Indian connect, and I guess somewhere Aditya Sood (Executive Producer) has a huge play in this. I knew Mera Joota Hai Japaani song made it to the film, but another Hindi track Tumse Achcha Kaun Hai took me by surprise. And cab-driver Dopinder adds to a good amount of laughs, as he narrates to a half-interested Deadpool his romantic-rivalry with his cousin.

The movie is laden with all kinds of cliché, only to acknowledge and kill every one of those with humour. And Marvel doesn’t just stick it up its own, it drags down even DC with a Green Lantern poster, and there’s a particular point where Wade particularly asks for a non-green, non-animated suit. He even makes a sly jokes on one of the X-Men whose name rhymes with ‘Pulverine.’ That’s not all. Hugh Jackman makes a cameo in the most unexpected ways, and you’ll spill your guts out laughing when he does. Do sit through the entire animated end-credits. The unicorn shooting out rainbows will be worth your wait and money.

Do keep an eye for Deadpool as he packs this particular magazine (cover below), and how he makes use of it in the film. *wink wink*

hugh jackman deadpool magazine sexiest man alive

Do not walk-in expecting a great superhero movie, because it’s not. It’s actually a great love story, I swear. A good, R-Rated love story of an anti-hero, something that attempts to move higher above Marvel’s regular clutter, and succeeds in doing so. It’s more in line with Honest Trailers, inverting the film’s strong points to ridicule it. As in one instance, Deadpool refers to its débutante director Tim Miller as “an overpaid idiot”, but if I was Marvel I’d give him some extra to make another NSFW one.

Overall Rating: 4/5