China shall reportedly launch a cargo ship into space by 2016 in order to be of service to Tiangong-2 space laboratory, stated a leading space scientist. This is a major advancement for the world’s only communist country into space. The cargo ship called ‘Tianzhou’ or ‘The Heavenly Vessel’, shall be delivered by the recently developed Long March-7 carrier rocket, stated Zhou Jianping, chief designer of China’s manned space programme. Tianzhou would be assigned the task of serving the Tiangong-2 space laboratory which shall be launched in 2015.

china-space Tiangong-2

Cargo transportation system that provides propellants and goods is a major element China has to master if it’s to establish its own space station, believes Zhou.A cargo ship won’t return to earth and doesn’t require people in its launching and docking processes, so it makes the trasportation of goods and services economical and effective. It’s important was most felt on September 29, 2011, when Tiangong-1, China’s first space lab and target orbiter, was launched.