Having read and loved a few short stories penned by Kulpreet Yadav earlier, I ruffled through the pages of his latest book with utmost excitement and a lot of high expectations. Mr. Yadav’s latest novel titled ‘Catching The Departed’ is his first in the series of thriller novels with the protagonist named Andy Karan, who is an investigative journalist. If you love racy prose and suspense stories that keep you at the edge of the seat till the very end, the new book ‘Catching The Departed’ has a lot of right elements you are looking for. The style of narration is captivating and the plot revolves around the death of a local lawyer, that Andy Karan is probing into. There villains are terrorists who are about to strike on our country, and it is up to Andy to stop them.

Spoiler: When you read the back of the book you will know the author points at threat from the enemies of the nation. Here we have to add that Andy is an ex-Army Captain who works as a press reporter when he encounters the murder of the villager lawyer. He gets stuck between the RAW and NSG teams and when he still won’t stop his investigation, he lands up on the larger conspiracy of a nuclear bomb amidst all the murders. Our next door investigator is at the same time grievously wounded as the love of his life Monica’s life is in danger.  And as promised, there’s enough to keep you hooked in the storyline especially when Andy lands in Mumbai.

What we found worth noting was the fact that the author has described some minutest details in a very lucid manner. The reader is able to picturize the entire scene in his mind. This 250 page read is a charged up one to say the least. It’s refreshing to read a book from an Indian author that doesn’t focus on a love story. SO refreshing. There are bits in this book about Andy and Monica’s love life, but we think they were unneeded too. When we found that Hachette-DNA had nominated the book in the search for the ‘next-bestseller’, we couldn’t agree more with the panelists. Overall, you have a gripping tale of the next detective that moves past the cliched love stories. I am eagerly waiting for the next book in this series. How about you?

Overall – 3.25/5