BlackBerry’s latest update for BBM that’s live on BlackBerry, Android and iOS versions of the app have been now enhanced with additional privacy features, offering you more control over the matter that you send over to your contacts (and saving you from potential embarrassments). The highlight of this update include Timed Messages and Message Retraction. The message retraction feature lets you take back an unintended sent message, whether the recipient contact has viewed it or not. The other feature – Timed Messages – lets you time for how long the recipient can view/access messages and pictures you have sent them, and after the time has lapsed the messages would be auto-deleted.

The other important features offered in this new BBM update include the following – HD image transfer, quicker and simpler way to select stickers, and a facility to view the music-playlist of your fellow contacts in your Feeds.

The company has claimed that these are the enhancements which were “highly-requested” for immediate deliverance. These capabilities will offer more confidence to users while sending messages, and keep the content more private. What’s more, if a recipient takes a screenshot of a Timed Message, the sender would receive a notification of the same.

For BlackBerry users who are interested in getting these features on their devices, we recommend doing it soon, for these features are available for free only for a period of three months. Ultimately they’ll be part of the BBM premium service, and would be accessible for a fixed amount of subscription.