So the Bangalore Comic Con 2018 recently wrapped up, and it was a fun couple of days. I managed to catch up with superstar artist Vanesa Del Rey for a quick chat. Here’s how it went:



I: Is this your first time in India?

V: Yeah it is.

I: So how do you feel so far?

V: It’s really far! (laughs). It’s really awesome, it’s really different. I’m really excited.

I: You’ve attended many cons over in US and even UK, so even though on a much smaller scale, how does this one stack up?

V: It’s awesome so far, it’s been really great.

I: Alright. So congratulations on Redlands, it’s a phenomenal book, and I still haven’t been able to decide whether to hate the 3 characters or love them.

V: (Laughs) thanks you, and that’s good. That’s the way Jordie wants it.



I: So far who have you enjoyed collaborating with most?

V: They’ve all been great, I mean they’ve all been different. The one that I’ve been the longest with has been Jordie so far, so she’s my favourite I guess. I first worked with her on Scarlet Witch where she was my colourist, before we collaborated on Redlands.

I: So when we look at your art, it is quite gothic and dark. Who would you say were your artistic influences?

V: There’s a lot of them. It’s more like the golden age black and white illustrations from the early 1900s. People like Joseph Clement Coll, A B Frost, maybe a little bit of Goya in there as well. I just like really dark… I was very interested in environments. Those were my biggest influences.

I: Looking at your work, there seems to be a lot of sensibilities of EC Comics, Creepy etc..

V: For sure. Like Steve Ditko and Bernie Wrightson. I think those guys were also looking at the guys I’m looking at.

I: So is there a writer that you’d really love to work with?

V: Well, I don’t know… there’s a lot that I’d love to work with. Maybe Matt Fraction would be fun to work with, be a little different. And of course Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman, right? That’s be a lot of fun. Also love Scott Snyder’s stuff. We’ve talked about working together, but nothing’s  come through.

I: How long will Redlands be going on?

V: We’ve planned for 24 issues.


I: Are there any other projects that you’re working on currently?

V: Well I can’t say much, but I’m working on a project for Humanoids. It’s gonna be some sci-fi stuff.

I: Interesting. Mark Waid recently moved to Humanoids.

V: Yeah, another guy it’d be awesome to work with.

I: Finally, going forward, which direction do you want to take? Big 2 or Indie?

V: I want to maintain where I’m at. If something really awesome comes my way maybe I’ll do the big 2, but for now I want to do my own thing.

I: You’ve done a couple of projects for Marvel. What difference did you feel?

V: The ownership. You can do whatever you want with your character, you can’t do that with their character. I’ve a lot more freedom working for myself.