Batman v Superman came out just few day ago but Warner Bros is already teasing the fans with some deleted footage . They just posted this deleted scene to YouTube and now we all know what Lex Luthor meant by ” The Bell has been rung and it can’t be unrung”.

The clip, entitled “Communion,” sees a group of soldiers descend into the Kryptonian scout ship and surround Lex Luthor, who’s taking a dip in the Kryptnonian fluid which also has his blood mixed in it. What we can understand from the footage is that Lex is communicating with an alien, probably Yuga Khan, one of Darkseids minions . It appears as Lex just gave them an invitation to come and destroy earth in exchange for information about the universe. What ever it is, it looks pretty badass after all! . I wonder why Snyder didn’t add this footage to after credits ? .

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