9-to-5 work is seldom exciting. Startups are always frustrating, but exciting. The former slot houses many frustrated individuals who want to slam doors on their bosses/managers and explore avenues where they could be their own boss. While TV series Silicon Valley does an amazing job of showing us the ‘inside’ of the startup ecosystem, TVF has come up with Pitchers, its new web-series that shows how corporate-frustration leads a young thinker to jump into the entrepreneurial bandwagon, and how he scouts for the perfect founding team for the same.

It would be really interesting to see what takes to startup in India, and the trailer does drop the most important ‘F’ word their is to a businessperson- Funding. And TVF being TVF, we know that the story would be extremely simple with brilliant dialogues. I’m already in love with the “MBA, IAS and Startup” point raised.

Looking forward to June 3, when Pitchers releases exclusively on TVFPlay.com. Watch.