Seriously, such a good time to be alive! There’s absolutely no upper limit to what joy technology can bring you. This beautiful short film I’m writing about here, it’s the stuff of the future. All sorts of 360-degree videos might be hitting your social feeds, but ‘Pearl’ actually stands out. Also, the first of its kind that almost choked me up.

Directed by Oscar-winning animator Patrick Osborne (2014, Feast), Pearl follows a father-daughter duo in their hatchback home travelling across the country chasing their respective dreams.

The storytelling is at its peak here, and even the quick-cut editing is genius. The best part of this short-film is, even though everyone gets the same story, we all get to ‘customise’ our visuals. While the settings and the animation may have made a wonderful flesh of this film, the soul definitely lies with the music. ‘No Wrong Way Home’ will be on my travel playlist forever now.

I’ll be putting a lot more thought while handing out gifts to my favourite people. Consider this post, fellow readers, no short of a gift.

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