With the CFBC-centred hullabaloo regarding Udta Punjab‘s “drug” theme has just recently settled, a new film has come on fore that promotes usage of recreational drugs as a medium to attain the ultimate enlightenment. M Cream looked promising when it was first teased over an year ago – the story revolving around a group of friends set out on a road trip to the Himalayas seeking a fictitious hash called M Cream.

The movie stars Imaad Shah (who’s been missing since the brilliant 404) and Ira Dubey in the lead.

M Cream garnered appreciation when it was premiered at Rhode Island International Film Festival in 2014, and has been showcased in many other film festivals across the globe since then. Directed by Agneya Singh, the film on friendship and self-discovery is finally set to enter India on 22nd July.

Watch the trailer here-