At the stroke of midnight the the second teaser of Shahrukh Khan’s 2016 release ‘Fan’ was revealed, This was a symbolic gift to S.R.K on his 50th birthday and also a treat to millions of his fans around the world.

Fan is essentially a thriller which revolves around the lives of a superstar ‘Aryan Khanna’, who is based on SRK, and his biggest fan ‘Gaurav’. Nothing about the plot has been made public and the only interesting scoop available about ‘Fan’ is the 3D rendered face of ‘Gaurav’, who bears a stark similarity to ‘Aryan Khanna’. S.R.K had undergone digital 3D face scanning for Maneesh Sharma’s film Fan¬†at the CounterPunch Studios in Los Angeles.

Though there isn’t much to critique about Fan as of now but there are small details I would like to point out, like

  • The setup of Gaurav’s room, which has millions of photos, cutouts and posters of his superstar. How brilliantly detailed the setup is, the room has photos from magazines, newspapers and posters which were predominant in the 90’s . Surely the 90’s kid in you will identify with the characters craze.
  • The similar yet different 3D rendered face of ‘Gaurav’: Wow, this has to be one of the best C.G.I faces ever in Bollywood or maybe in Hollywood too.

Fan is slated for release on 15th April 2016 and also stars Waluscha De Sousa. Share the teaser with your friends and family and let us know your opinion on it.