Australian restaurateur Paul Mathis has developed a new symbol which he believes shall replace one of the most common words used in English today- ‘the’. His symbol is written very much like the Cyrillic letter Ћ, cojoining ‘h’ with the capital ‘T’ and is pronounced as ‘Th’. Mathis has invested over $34,000 into creating this symbol, and maintains that this symbol is a definite time-saver. Well, “&” does save some time over ‘and’. Also, tweeters are happy that they can now add more words to their tweets without screwing the English lingo by writing just ‘d’ for ‘the’.

The symbol

Shortening words in order to save time is not a new concept. General motors had earlier issued a company-wide directive stating that ’employee’ shall now be shortened as ’employe’ to save time and company ink.

the symbol 1

To stress over this point, Mathis has created a range of mobile phone keyboards- dubbing them the ‘THE Keyboard’, where the most expensive among them has shortcuts for 14 most-used English terms.