One won’t marvel at the sight of a dingy room filled to the brim with hippiest of people waiting for their turns to get inked. Right from the religious symbols to the flabbergasting messages to the flamboyant symbols..all these kinds of tattoos are in demand and carved in choicest of the places . WELCOME to this new era of Tattoos where right from a kid-ult to the adults wont mind getting inked for the sake of fun and fashion. This trend of getting inked has caught up big in the pashchim! Closer home, the smart, jazzy IT Professionals of our very own darling city Bangalore have started the trend of getting tech-tattooed! weird huh?? Nah. Not for these hippies! These pros down south are very proud of working for the big corporate honchos and their workplaces like Apple, Microsoft, IBM and they don’t shy away from expressing their love for them!

brahma religious tattoo

Still confused? Well, these hippies have invented the trend of getting the names of their companies tattooed on them. Not just the names and the logos but also the names of the corporate giants boldly. The common logos are of ORACLE, APPLE, IBM and the tattoo artists have a big chance to rejoice. They have reported a striking increase in the number of men approaching them to get inked. It is a matter of pride to them. However, Girish Brahmanayapura of the Brahma tattoo owner opines that they may face music as all the logos are copyright. Whatever it may be it has inspired people to get inked more and more. Not only the techies but also the proprietors of small concerns are chasing the fad. It’s time to celebrate innovations and these hippies are no behind. An inKing Story Indeed.