The Swipe Elite Sense was launched in March 2017 and it might just turn out to be the best you can get for the price that they are offering. You are looking at a phone which does not even cost eight thousand and gives you a beautiful display, a fingerprint scanner, 4G with VOLTE support and an elegant design.

A Quick look at the Specifications


Design and Body

We got a chance to review the Champagne gold version and the moment I unboxed it, I was like wow! That is one amazing looking budget phone in front of me. The complete credit goes to that chrome frame, separating the champagne gold back cover from the screen. The conventional white head,chin and the metal mesh on the earpiece coupled with the chrome frame give an elegant look to the phone. The phone looks premium and is exceptionally light. There’s a 5-inch screen and you would definitely want to make the most of it and thus you get capacitive navigation buttons, which also in a way helps conceal the big chin of the phone. I personally like it that they went for capacitive buttons but the design of the capacitive buttons was a little disappointing because it diminishes the overall beauty of the phone.

You don’t get a metal body but the phone has a very distinctive back cover with a separate section cut out for the camera and the flash and it does look good. The fingerprint sensor is a little small and it might be annoying to accurately place the finger for people with big plump fingers. But it is very well placed in terms of where your index finger lands when you hold the phone, just slightly below the rear camera.

Unlike many phones, they have the lock screen button and volume rocker on the left side of the phone and the lock screen button being below the volume rocker, which actually makes sense because you would use the lock screen button more often that the volume rocker. Now since many people prefer toggling between the two with their thumb rather than the index and middle fingers, this might be boon for someone who primarily uses their phone with the left hand but really annoying for the majority of you out there who prefer using the phone with the right hand.

The charging port is on the left bottom of the phone and you’ll need the still common and familiar micro-USB to charge the device. You get the earphone jack on the top left of the phone, personally, I would have preferred it in the bottom. When you are using your earphones and you reach out for your phone in the pocket, the phone would come out straight if the port was on the bottom of the phone. There are loud and clear mono speakers, good to watch some videos and listen to songs but there’s a drawback, its located on the back of the phone. Now, these days we see a lot of manufacturers going for speakers either on the front or the bottom of the phone and let’s hope we get to see that in the upcoming models from Swipe.


This is one of the main attractions of the phone; you get a 5 inch IPS LCD with a resolution of 1280x720. Well, you cannot compare it to an AMLOED display but the display is beautiful, giving you sharp and natural colors, and since it is IPS LCD you get amazing viewing angles. A full HD display might have been better than HD ready, but that is a limitation of the phone’s processor, the snapdragon 425. The maximum resolution supported by the processor is 720p i.e. HD Ready. The adaptive brightness works really well and you have absolutely no issues using the phone outdoors, even under the strong sunlight post noon.

Performance and OS

The Snapdragon 425 is a good low-end lineup consisting of 4 x Cortex A53’s clocked at 1.4 GHz that supports 4G VOLTE. It is the lower end processor of the three low-mid range processors (i.e. 425, 435 & 625) launched by Qualcomm early last year to equip phones to support 4G VOLTE, so you cannot be expecting too much out of it but let me tell you it surely gets the job done better than expected. Applications take some time to load but it is not too slow and the transitions are smooth enough. The phone comes with a huge 3 Gigabytes of memory, giving you enough juice to make multitasking easy and have multiple applications running in the background.

One drawback is the GPU, the Adreno 308, which comes with the Snapdragon 425; it feels like it had barely enough juice to give that overall finesse and smoothness to the screen transitions to go along with that beautiful display. But when it comes to gaming, you can have fun all day long with simple games like Dr. Parking 4 & Dan the man as well as some mid-range games like Horizon Chase without stressing the processor. You can run games like NFS no limits but it might take a while to load, the graphics will not be absolutely smooth and the phone is ought to overheat after a couple of races.

The fingerprint sensor is another good addition to the list of things you would appreciate in this phone. It is a little small and you have to accurately place the finger in the box but it still makes life a hell lot easy when it comes to unlocking the phone, something that has to done multiple times in a day. Everyone would agree that compared to punching in the pin or the password, just trying to place a finger accurately on a sensor is much more convenient.

Instead of the Freedom OS, the phone comes with stock android marshmallow 6.0.1 with some minor adjustments like; the app drawer scrolls horizontally instead of vertically, custom notifications for individual apps and a single press of the left capacitive buttons gives you shortcuts in some applications and a long press gives you the recent apps and a shortcut to the task manager. But overall you will get a feel of the stock OS, which even keeps it light on the processor. The apps are heavy consumers even when running in the background; hence it is advised to frequently clear the RAM to get a good standby.


The 13 MP primary camera works great in good light conditions, it captures a lot of light and the colors are vivid. The auto focus is quick and so is the shutter, giving you lovely pictures when captured in perfect light conditions. The camera captures a lot of light, giving you bright images but at the same time it ends up capturing a lot of noise when the lighting conditions are poor or even normal.

For all those selfie lovers, the secondary camera gives you a wide-angle to fit everyone or the complete background and captures good light to give you a bright picture. But similar to the primary camera it lacks the ability to capture bright images without taking in the noise. Additionally, you get facial recognition, red eye reduction, anti-banding and 3 beauty modes.

So to sum it up the primary camera is really good for portrait photography in good light conditions but would perform average for landscape photography and any photography in poor light conditions.


The 2500 mAh gives you sufficient juice for more than 3 hours of on-screen time and the phone would easily survive 10+ hours of regular usage with the preferred network set as 4G.

Snapdragon 425 supports quick charge 2.0 but the phone still comes with a basic 1A 5V adapter, which is a downfall because it takes more than 3 hours for a full charge from less than 10% battery. If that is a concern for you, you can easily get third party quick charge adapters for less than a thousand rupees.

Bottom Line


  • Elegant design
  • light and easy to use
  • Beautiful display
  • Premium snapdragon processor
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • 32 GB storage with 3 GB RAM


  • Average Camera
  • No fast charging
  • Overheating
  • Mono speakers at the back of the phone
  • Hybrid dual SIM card slot (Either one nano SIM and one Micro SIM or else one SIM card and one Micro SD card).

The Swipe Elite Sense is an elegant looking phone with a beautiful display, a premium snapdragon processor and it supports 4G VOLTE. It’s a phone that would give any other phone in its price segment a run for its money.

The phone is available on sale at Flipkart.