American low cost airline company, JetBlue Airways Corporation, will now enable its customers to pay directly by tapping iPhones at 35000 feet up in the sky. JetBlue today announced that it is the first major domestic carrier in US to offer Apple Pay in the sky, allowing passengers to make quick on-board purchases for food or amenities. Along with the amenities, the customers will also be able to upgrade to the available premium seats.

For our readers who do not know about the Apple Pay, Here’s how it actually works: Customers with an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and soon Apple Watch simply have to hold their phone in front of specially designed machine which uses NFC technology and connects wirelessly to the point of sale system completing the transaction with the customers bank account already linked with the phone.


Looking at the history, JetBlue have always been on the front when it comes to innovation for the ease of its customers and differentiates itself from rest of the operating carriers that pile fees on passengers for every service. Since 2007, JetBlue flights are cashless and now the Apple Pay inflight experience will be a topic seeking interest. At present, JetBlue also provides free Fly-Fi broadband Internet service that uses satellite technology on most JetBlue planes and the company is working to expand the service to the rest of its fleet. Basic Web browsing through Simply Surf is free while JetBlue’s service is in beta testing, but a high-bandwidth plan, for uses such as movie streaming, is available for purchase which can now be done with Apple Pay.

Along with the Apple Pay, the airline also introduced a new app which will be used by flight attendants called the Inflight Service Assistant. In this service, more than 3,500 crew members will carry an iPad mini with each of them having access to the customer manifest and updated flight data, pushed wirelessly. JetBlue believes it provides enhanced on-board experience. The service also includes wishing a customer a happy birthday and offering flight and connecting gate information. As per JetBlue, they are waiting for the approval from Federal Aviation Administration so that in-flight crew members will no longer have to carry a bulky flight attendant manual.