Haruki Murakami is one of the few gifted authors who can brilliantly mesh magical realism into dreamy fiction. This supernatural element, though slightly common in books, is a rare occurrence in video games. This Kickstarter project aims to utilize Murakami’s magic to develop a new 2D point-and-click video game which will also serve as a medium for interactive storytelling.

The developers have derived inspiration from several of the author’s short stories for this game. Named Memoranda, it’s a story of a woman in a small European town who seeks answer to why she’s losing memory of her own name.

The game shall continue to seek funding on Kickstarter through November. The developers’ plan is to release the game on Steam for Mac, Windows and Linux-based machines soon after reaching their goal. The iOS version of the game shall release at a later date.

A sneak-peak into the various characters and backgrounds as would finally be viewed in the game (images sourced from the project’s Kickstarter page)