It's The Time To Disco. For Girls It Isn't. Sick.

Just when we thought that shows like Satyameva Jayate were helping the society realize the importance of women in our society, pictures and videos that would put us to shame went viral on the internet. Of Course by now you must seen them or at least heard about them. And so the age-old question has cropped up yet again-‘How safe are our women?’

Hoarding Of The 11 Identified Molestors

Hoarding Of The 11 Identified Molestors

Life of women in India was already difficult and it has become more miserable due to perverts dwelling among  us. Families are always worried when their girl-children leave for schools, colleges, coaching classes, offices, parties, movies, shopping, another city, a point on earth, and the worry grows on. Molestation crimes are not new in India, but the shamelessness with which this footage was shot instead of offerring help to the girl is what angers us. The police did *rescue* her after a 30 minute suffering the girl had to face, with a large mob of *cultural* citizens and *responsible* mediapersons watched her plight without intervening. Disgusting. Of the wolf-pack strength of 30, some eleven molesters have been identified, and hoardings have been installed across the city to arrest them. And the fact that the faces are easily visible in the video, let’s test the officials pace and efficiency in delivering justice.

How much of this will we be witnessing in the near future? The state recommends that the girls learn martial arts and carry pepper spray, but that’s like the worst suggestion heard or said ever. People, you say, are their any ways we people can guarantee the safety of our women. The questions too tough, we know, and there is no easy answer to this one. But then, the things worth fighting for rarely come easy. Ink out in the comments below people, it’s high time we hid behind the social curtain. And kick any person in the face if he raises the ‘Girl’s clothes were so’ argument.

Here’s one clip from a leading news channel showing the outrageous act –

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