Giving all decorated wrestlers a blow, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) executive board met in Lausanne and decided to drop Wrestling from 2020 Olympics. Wrestling has been a part of the games since 1896 (Athens), and now has been removed from the list of 25 “core” sports, and now joins other shortlisted sports- karate, baseball/softball, wakeboarding, squash, wushu- in an attempt to get included into the Olympics as an additional 28th sport.International Olympic Committee (IOC) Drops Wrestling From 2020 Olympics!

No decision is finalized yet, and all eight sports (respective international federations) are to give presentations to the executive board while they meet in St Petersburg, Russia, in May. The board will then come to a decision so as to which sport among the eight should be included as the additional 28th game in the 2020 Olympics.