Paul Feig is a director whom I admire a lot but, he does not make the best trailers out there. The Ghostbusters remake has been receiving flack from the moment it was announced. The trailer should have dispelled those worries instead it validated those sentiments for the haters. It was a poorly cut trailer with horrendous, out of place slapstick gags and terrible jokes. It got worse when the first trailer marketed itself as a sequel which further confused the fans. So with all the negativity surrounding it, does this movie justify its existence or was the fan rage justified?  Well, chemistry made the 1984 Ghostbusters movie a classic. Chemistry is what makes this movie tick as well.  Ghostbusters is a fun, summer movie which certainly does not deserve the hate.

ghostbusters-full-new-img (1)

This movie has a great cast. The movie starts with a scene featuring Zach Woods, I had no idea he was in the movie. if you’re a fan of Silicon Valley you know how funny he is. That opening scene is genuinely scary, also it opened with the classic theme so, points for that. There was one major factor which bugged me a lot. The opening scroll called the movie, ‘Ghost Corps‘ and the closing ‘Ghostbusters: Answer The Call‘ both do not make sense. Decide on what you want to call the damn movie. Also the fan service was not well done, it started off with a bust of the late, great Harold Ramis in the background, which was subtle and very well done but post that it just kept getting too obvious.

The jokes really work in the movie, even the bad ones that were there in the trailer came off well in the context of the scene. I loved how toned down Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones were. The scene-stealer however was Kate McKinnon. She would fit right in, if she would have been a part of the original cast. Her constant quirks, quips and riffing were hilarious and she did not miss a beat.  A major surprise here was Chris Hemsworth playing a quintessential, dumb blonde. It was a bold move from one of Hollywood’s leading actor to play something totally against his usual roles.


The last act, however, suffers from some major plot holes. A kaiju level catastrophe is brushed off as a hallucinogenic effect, the destruction was real though, they do not follow their own rules that they have set in the universe, namely the ghost killings(?). Despite all that it still manages to be a really enjoyable flick that should be watched on the big screen.

Overall rating 3.75/5