Disclaimer : This post is not written to hurt anybody’s sentiment, my sincere apologies, if done in any form.

To start on a very defensive note of “commenting and then lamenting later”, I just want to confess and make it very clear since the start, that I am not at all against woman empowerment or envious, in any form, of any such progress of women. I am also not speaking on behalf of a male chauvinist society. So all those of you who have folded their sleeves, please take a deep breath and just spit hatred after reading.

Because of a number of heinous crime incidents against women, most “seriously” called RAPE, a series of unnoticed yet extremely important issues are thrown randomly on the table of society. The unsaid issues, like women empowerment and women safety were in topic again, but this time with a bigger intensity. These events, though not new,  yet because of the severity involved not only brought some very serious issues of women safety and empowerment to notice, but also have done a very cynical job of simply throwing these sensitive topics at the mercy of our “intelligent and news hungry” Indian media.


Instead of only noticing the issues, a deep understanding and proper implementation too was required. And for all that, a proper, unbiased, non-hypocritical and neutral approach of interpretation of these issues was needed.  And due to the lack of any such institutional academia, everything was scattered and hence everyone had their own versions of these sensitive issues. Suddenly, violence and violence involving acts were widely chosen as a correct remedy to implement women empowerment and safety, which is to a certain extent correct, but not always.

Suddenly every other guy is, senselessly, trying to justify and promote girls assaulting boys, which is required in 95% cases, agreed. But what about the rest 5 % cases, which are always avoided, and many a times even promoted on the name of women empowerment, and if encountered are mentioned as “arey galat maara to kya, kam se kam ladki ne awaaz to uthayi .”

Check out this video:

Women empowerment does not mean compromising on gender equality. You are talking of gender equality and promoting this.

Can you switch the genders in the video, which is a rare incident I must say, and then promote with the tag line of  “arey galat maara to kya, kam se kam ladke ne awaaz to uthayi .

You are not promoting gender equality, you are trying to promote the happiness by making the suppressed class (Female gender), think that by hitting the suppressing class (Male Gender) even wrongly, is perfectly sane, allowed and a symbol of their building strength to revolt towards the suppressing class.

No my friend, this is WRONG!!


Now many of my friends, will state that I am exaggerating a very obvious point.

I am only saying, that if you are trying to get educated, have a proper one.

Have you not laughed at jokes in which a husband is beaten with “belan” by his wife? Did you not take this, obviously comparatively, in a casual form, if a boy is slapped by a girl as compared to a girl slapped by boy? Don’t you think quoting “aurat pe haath uthata hai” is hypocritical statement and in a form, yet again you are taking woman as a feeble class?

I know this 5% (or may be 1%, god knows) is a very small amount to even consider, but again INDIA is a country of 1.25 billion and even 1% is a big number.

And above all it’s not about numbers, it’s about principles. Please promote the right principals in the correct form, or else we might some day in near future, will be discussing topics of violence against men by women, or maybe even worse, topics like male empowerment schemes will be discussed (looks very exaggerated and funny, but possibilities must not be overshadowed or overlooked).

But a person, taking advantage of his or her gender, should always be punished and promoted, irrespective of their gender.

Everyone has the right to be equal, this is their birth right, male gender, female gender, transgenders, anyone and everyone. Equality is one’s birth right and everyone should have it, but not at the cost of others. Neither female nor male.