The fiercely anticipated Game of Thrones premièred a wholesome first episode last Sunday, and we can hardly wait six more days to taste more blood. This is the first ever season where the series has outpaced the books, and both the readers and series-followers are equally intense in their yearning to know who climbs up the throne ladder and who gets butchered up. From the Episode 2 trailer that HBO shared recently, they’ve not disguised their inclination towards spilling more warm blood.

The second episode also marks the re-entry of Bran Stark, Ned’s little fellow who was absent the entire last season. Also seen is a vengeful Cercei, with the incredible Mountain by her side. The latter’s been medically and magically resurrected, his complete fleshy package now enclosed within an iron body. Apparently his squeezing Oberyn Martyll’s brain sauce was just for the starters, and if HE is hungry for the main course, I can’t wait to see what pulp he makes of the anti-Lannisters.

Arya Stark is getting a better hang of handicap fights, and Ramsay Bolton cooks up a solid plan to attack a particular place. One of the dragon sons has come back looking for mother, and is raging fire. Sansa and Brienne are planning for a better future. The tension at the Night’s Watch shall hopefully be released via battle. No Melisandre is seen here, but we expect to see more of her in this episode after the bomb she has blasted.

Watch the preview here –

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