Furlenco, a Bengaluru based online furniture rental company is all set to transform the living experiences of Pune residents by providing quick, easy and affordable furniture renting solutions. The furniture rental giant announced its expansion plans in the city at a launch event at Pune’s Hard Rock Cafe.

The customers can now get their hands on the premium designer furniture packages on rent without any heavy investment of buying it. The Reading Nook, The Loveseat, The Couch Potato, Work from Homezone are few of the packages to begin with. The service also includes free doorstep delivery and installation within a week, with the facility of bi-annual cleaning and the flexibility of swapping/returning the furniture based on need.

Furlenco took a giant leap into the furniture rental industry, beginning its operations in Bengaluru first in 2012 followed by its Mumbai launch in 2015. Since its inception, Furlenco is trying to bridge the gap of buying-renting and selling-reselling the furniture. The company caters to young professionals who shift to different cities for jobs.

Commenting on the launch, Founder and CEO Furlenco, Ajith Mohan Karimpana said, “We want to cater our services to every urban Indian on the move. The Pune launch is a part of our nationwide expansion spree, and we have plans to set up our operations in other tier-2 cities as well.”

“The whole gist is to provide a hassle-free furnishing experience, which is otherwise so complicated and expensive. We claim to be experts in refurbishing mainly because we have designed it, so we know what goes behind the scene,” added Ajith.

Talking about design, Kranti M, VP Design, Furlenco said, “Our design philosophy has been completely user led. We want to design furniture which justifies the way people live their lives. We aim at designing a lot more modular pieces of furniture which will fit many houses and yet look distinct.”

At the event, Furlenco also screened TVF’s Truth or Dare with Dad, the first of its association with TVF. The TVF fame Jitendra Kumar (urf Jeetu) was also present at the event. “We are very happy to be associated with Furlenco. It’s a great youth-centric concept just like our show”, said Jeetu.

“TVF is an immensely popular digital content platform in our country, which boasts of more than 15,00,000 viewers. The idea behind getting associated with TVF is to introduce Furlenco to the youth of this city as well as all other metropolitan cities, who are our major target group,” said Ajith.

Furlenco marked its entry into Pune in a rather strange funny way through a April Fool prank showing their playful side to the young crowd of Pune. They got Uber to play a tempting prank of introducing the fake UberPLAY promising a luxury ride to its city commuters. Only later did the unlucky (or the lucky) few realise that they’ve been spoofed. But Uber appeased them by saying that some chosen ones would get the luxurious experience, albeit at their homes, from Furlenco.

Watch the first episode of TVF’s Truth Or Dare With Dad here-