‘Chai Pe Charcha’ With Narendra Modi

BJP’s prime ministerial candidate is planning to campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections through tea stalls, entitled ‘Chai Pe Charcha’. This seems to be a humble quid pro quo to the derogatory remarks made by the opposition’s leaders on his past.

chai pe charcha

Narendar modi has launched ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ to connect with the voters, reach out to them and discuss their prevalent issues. Through ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ he plans to reach out to nearly 300 cities holding nearly 1000 chrachas with the people.  His first ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ campaign will be at a tea stall in Gandhinagar on February 1.

It was Citizens for Accountable Governance (CAG) that came up with  this novel and unique idea for BJP’s prime ministerial candidate. Their plan is to broadcast each of the ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ at public places throughout India and at the same time hold a two way conference so that people from anywhere in India can interact with him. 


According to one of the CAG spokesperson, “Modi will be able to connect with at least two lakh people during each round of the event. In all, from now until elections Modi will be able to interact with over 30 lakh people directly through this event. In addition, several millions will be reached using online webcast of the interactions.”


  • Dr Rohit Mody says:

    Narendra Modi is national leader who aspires to be next prime minister.
    We need strong, honest,patriotic and visionary person like him.
    India need true democracy and rule of law.
    We need speedy justice judiciary system and sensitive, honest and impartial police system.
    One person can not change system…one person can not take nation forward. We need to be awakened our self and be active in politics.
    Dr Rohit Mody. Cardiologist, Ghatkopar Mumbai. +919869035642

  • Ameya Sonkusale says:

    Well said Dr. Mody! But the problem is the kind of awareness you have, so as to say the educated class has, is not consistent through out India.

  • k.n.nayak says:

    He is an extra ordinary personality with incredible strength of doing things as desired for United India and evolution in many areas with PPP.The PPP is very good factor for economy but norms displayed in preamble and body of the constitution be observed, otherwise it seems we have adopted capitalistic pattern for economy informaly outside the scop of preamble and body of the constitution.In walking along the road of economic evolution, we cannot forget social,economic and political justice to the people and protection of interests of avarage citizens.The image of him is fitting in world politics help building image of Strong United India in the world.No one is perfect except lord krishna and lord Rama and lords in other religions.A man is always imperfect,but we have to observe what is beneficial in one who intend to do good to the society.We have to leave practice of observing things which do not give rise to well being of the people and nation.

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